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mid century bar stools

Barstools are utilitarian and stylish, adding to the ambience of a room. Mid century furniture and designs are the ultimate in style, and barstools that are inspired by mid century designs are a great concept. If you would love to get one for your dining room or bar, choose one after understanding features that need to be considered. The first is the height of the barstool – it needs to offer you comfort, while not making you uncomfortable in perching yourself on it. The second is the need for a proper footrest that will give your feet rest, otherwise you will have to dangle your feet and that is not a god idea. The third is the need to look at the backrest and upholstery options. We have compiled a list of nine of the best barstools in the market to help you make your choice.

Top 9 Best Mid Century Modern Bar Stools & Counter Stools in 2019

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Centiar Counter Height Barstool

This brown faux leather bar stool looks like it is straight out of a movie from a bygone era. The upholstery combines with the unique bucket shape and the metal frame to give it a distinctly timeless appeal. The dark colored metal frames and the brown of the upholstery combine to give this a classic appearance that is unmistakably vintage. Measuring 21.2 x 23.2 x 45.8 inches in dimensions, the bucket seat comprises a tubular metal base. It has a thoughtful design of a metal rest that gives the user a place to park tired feet at a comfortable angle. This unit comes in a semi knocked down kit form and it requires assembly. It is possible to put it together without much of a fuss with the tools provided.


  • The distinct combination of upholstered top on a metal frame makes it classy
  • The convenient footrest makes it user friendly
  • The light weight and simple design makes it possible to be carried around easily


  • The rivets need better finishing to prevent damage to the floor

Rivet Malida Open Back Swivel Bar Stool

This is an elegant design that gives it the old world charm hard to ignore. The unique color – canary yellow of the tall stool makes it all the more appealing. Measuring 22 x 21 x 41 inches in dimensions and weighing 26.5 pounds, this offers all round comfort to the user with padded sides and back. The smooth legs are exquisitely finished and sport clean simple designs that will delight users. The design comprises two distinct features that make this all the more comfortable. One is the slotted back which gives complete support to the lower spine, while the other is the foot rest at the right angle giving the user the right curvature of the spine while seated. This stylish barstool measures 22″W x 21″D x41″H and comes as a single unit without the need for any assembly. The hardwood base and polyster fabric make this durable and easy to maintain.


  • Stylish, with a timeless appeal
  • Contrasting colors of wood and upholstery give it a classic look
  • Open space at the lower end of the back rest offers a nestling place for the lower back


  • The quality of the product is good, but the packaging leaves a lot to be desired, espically since it comes in a fully assembled form.

Armen Living Shelly Counter Height Barstool

With one of the most eye catching designs among barstools, this is certainly a model that you would love to possess. The neat blend of faux leather with dark wood and a polished footrest puts this in a separate category of attractive barstools. This is a throwback to the retro style, with a gentle curved back. The veneer wood and faux leather upholstery feature an open space at the back which provides not just ventilation but permits the back to rest with the perfect curvature. Measuring 18 x 18 x 37 inches in dimensions and weighing 16 pounds, the foot rest is a distinct feature in the barstool with its polished finish and perfect round shape.


  • The design is ultimate and will add more appeal to the counter
  • The footrest is elegant and offers support for your feet all around
  • The gentle curve of the backrest offers total support


  • The stool could have offered more grip to the seat to prevent slipping

Stone & Beam Sophia Swivel Bar Stool

The ability to swivel makes this barstool join the category that permit users to turn without having to reposition feet. The padded backrest and seat can swivel round smoothly offering greater comfort levels to users. Thoughtful designs include the foot rest that offer the user a convenient level to place their feet. Measuring 21 x 18 x 43 inches in dimensions and weighing 25 pounds, the stylish barstool is offers create comforts that last long. Made from solid hardwood, the sturdy frame ensures that the occupant is seated without any stability issues.


  • The upholstery remains taut and firm due to the elastic and foam padding
  • This model does not require any kind of assembly
  • Comes with a 3 year warrant that gives owners greater peace of mind


  • The height of this model is a tad too high, but will find use among many individuals

Christopher Knight Home Truda Mid Century Barstools

The designs of these barstools are unique and are destined to transform the appearance of counters. The distinctive touch of the Victorian era is clearly seen in the designs and the wood finish is classic and stylish. The soft cushion and the gentle curve of the wood back rest make this design alluring. The splayed legs give it a wide stance and the footrest offers users maximum comfort. Measuring 23 x 21 x 41 inches in dimensions and weighing 22 pounds, the high backed bar stools are a great addition to counters.


  • The high back design makes this comfortable for users
  • The uniquely shaped barstool combines with the color combination to make counters look stylish
  • The material and the design makes this one of the most easiest to maintain


  • A little gap on the back rest would have helped to support the curvature of the spine

Rivet Mid-Century Modern Low-Back Counter Stool

This is unique in design and offers low back support in a stylish concept of counter stools. Drawing inspiration from retro styled furniture, this gray and brown combination is bound to make its mark in counters. The padding on the bottom and the back offer just the right amount of cushioning effect required, while the high stance and the footrest ensure that yo get maximum comfort when seated. The absence of a high back, gives users the freedom to bend backwards without being restricted. Measuring 20.1 x 16.5 x 33.5inches in dimensions, the gray color polyester fabric permits you to pair it with any theme or color.


  • The seat is firm and taut due to the foam padding and elastic
  • This does not require any kind of assembly
  • Comes with a comprehensive one year warranty


  • A swivel option would have made this a better model

Mod Made Armless Paris Tower Barstool

This is the interesting blend of the modern with retro style. This tower stool combines the designs famous in yesteryear bars, with modern design concepts and materials to come up an exciting barstool. Manufactured from ABS Plastic, the barstool has legs made of natural wood. This barstool is highly durable and will maintain its appearance for a very long period with minimal maintenance. Measuring 20 x 20 x 43 inches in dimensions, the bar stool weighs 32 pounds, and requires minimal assembly. Suitable for use anywhere, this stylish barstool comes with the complete set of tools required to put it together.


  • The ease of maintenance
  • Long life of the heavy duty ABS plastic
  • Sturdy and stable design


  • Requires to be assembled properly, failing which it will be wobbly

Armen Living Vienna Bar Height Barstool

This is another of the classic models that are stunning in concept and perfect in finish. The brown faux leather combines perfectly with the Walnut finish for the ultimate luxurious look. This swivel model comes with all the creature comforts, including the right height of the footrest. The complete 360 degree swivel makes this one of the few models that offer all round swivel capability. Measuring 20 x 17 x 39 inches in dimensions, this is a classic model that is sturdy, durable and stylish.


  • Shiny metal footrest
  • All round swivel
  • Exquisite faux leather finish


  • Could be a little wobbly for overweight individuals when swiveling

Armen Living Jayden Swivel Counter Height Barstool

This barstool is a fusion of the modern with retro styles. It offers 360 degree swivel option, giving the user maximum comfort. The circular metal footrest offers users the options of resting their feet at the right angle to support the back when seated. The backrest has design features that permit flow of air while supporting the back. The gentle curve and the shape of the backrest, ensure that users get full support. Measuring 19 x 19 x 35 inches in dimensions, this faux leather and wood finish combination is a winner all the way.

  • Pros of the barstool
  • The 360 degrees swivel
  • The circular metallic footrest
  • The unique backrest design


  • The backrest may prevent heavier individuals from sitting comfortably.

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