Mid Century Modern Bedroom – All That You Need To Know

Regardless of the opportunity or the necessity to sleep in the most luxurious resorts or hotels, there really is no place like home or the bedroom at home. This is precisely why homeowners spend a considerable amount of time choosing the right bed and decor for the bedroom. Comfort levels and privacy go hand in hand and are best experienced at homes. Mid-century modern style bedrooms are a huge hit among designers and owners alike. This is because of the stylish appeal and functionality which mid-century modern styles offer. The term may sometimes cause confusion to the uninformed. For instance, modern is sometimes confused with contemporary. However, it is important to understand that modern and contemporary are not exactly the same. The term mid-century modern was coined because of two reasons. mid-century refers to the middle of the century, and modern refers to the period after the 1920s. This is how the term mid-century modern was coined. It would be incorrect to replace the word modern with contemporary and call any line of furniture as mid-century contemporary.

Standard characteristics of a mid-century modern bedroom 

Any bedroom that is modeled on the mid-century modern style will typically have any or many of the following places of furniture. The bedroom would have a mid-century modern bed, in the nightstand, chaise lounge, and a TV console. There may be other pieces of furniture in the bedroom, but these are generally a part and parcel of bedrooms. Here is a look at the different components of a mid-century modern bedroom.

Bed – these beds are typically low profile with a headboard that could either be plain or are with soft padding. The most popular designs among padded headboards are tufted or button wedding. The beds generally have built-in flats that dispense with the need for box springs. While the size of the bed may differ depending upon the requirement, typically king or queen size beds are the natural bed size for mid-century modern bedrooms. Sturdy and durable, mid-century modern beds have certain components made of hardwood. The legs and the frame are off high-quality wood which offers stability to the bed. The slats ensure that the mattresses do not deform due to uneven pressure.

Nightstand – these are typically compact low profile stands that allow homeowners to access objects from the bed easily. These compact stands generally come with closed storage spaces and short legs. The whole purpose of short legs is to ensure that more storage space is available. Most of the nightstands are dark in color with a natural wood finish and minimal detailing. The detailing is typically restricted only to the handles are the knob for opening or closing the storage space.

TV console – typically TV consoles were meant for use in living rooms. However, as home stores to also watch television from their bedrooms, TVs also found their way to the bedrooms. T v consoles of the mid-century modern style are also low profile and minimalistic in design. Very little storage space is available beneath the TV stands, and is meant for small all electronic appliances related to watching television such as discs and players. The dimensions of TV consoles generally support televisions of the most sizes typically used in bedrooms.

Chaise lounge – this offers homeowners the opportunity to recline and read or be lost in thought before hitting the bed. A chaise lounge is the ultimate design addition to a bedroom, offering the ideal angle of recline in the material that is the last word in luxury. Rich in appearance, the chaise lounge offers the ultimate functionality in the bedroom. This has been popularized by the iconic Eames and ottoman. Mid-century modern chaise lounge brings luxury and style to the bedrooms with functionality.

Design elements of mid-century modern bedrooms

Designs are understated in mid-century modern style. Despite the use of hardwood or superior quality wood, the finish is made as natural and muted as possible. This gives it a touch of class and elegance that is typically not seen in other design themes. It is, therefore, necessary to choose materials that will give a natural wood finish. The choice of materials combines with the choice of colors to create the right ambiance and feel with mid-century modern designs.

Minimalism is the essence of mid-century modern designs, functionality is of paramount importance while the individual pieces of furniture are devoid of the unwanted design elements. It is this simplicity and elegance that it makes it easy to blend mid-century modern furniture in any decor. For instance, the use of natural wood finish and color makes beds and all furniture suitable for use in bedrooms of any theme. This may not be entirely possible with furniture or birds that are of a different color combination or design element.

The durability and stability of furniture are of prime importance. This explains the use of steel legs or steel frames in beds. Not only does this ensure that the beds last long, but it also helps to keep the mattresses in proper shape. The superior craftsmanship of the era is on display in the designs as different materials are blended together to offer functionality and durability in the most stylish and elegant manner.

How to achieve a makeover to mid-century modern bedroom

If you intended to transform your bedroom into one with a mid-century modern style, it is necessary to or modifies different elements to give it a distinct look and feel. For instance, you need to ensure that the windows are nice and large with a maximum area taken up by glass. This will ensure that the bedrooms get natural light when the curtains are drawn back. These feelings need to be flat, while the rooms are free from clutter to give it a nice spacious appearance. The bed typically needs to be king or queen size, with a low profile and high mattress. The headboard is generally padded with the fabric the sporting a contrasting color. Matching nightstand on one side or both sides of the bed help to improve the convenience levels. The TV console needs to be at a level that will permit unhindered viewing from the bed. The room is generally spacious enough to keep the TV at the right distance from the foot of the bed. The chaise lounge complete the furniture that is generally found in a mid-century modern style bedroom. Chaise lounges are the ultimate in luxury and offer home occupants a sense of deep pride of ownership, in addition to the comfort levels.

You could also throw in a dresser if you have space. On the whole, the bedroom needs to be free from clutter and should not appear cramped. None of the furniture will generally sport any detailing or intricate craftsmanship. The geometric lines, the clean shapes, the perfect rounded corners, tapering legs, splayed legs for greater stability and natural wood finish are some of the hallmarks that need to be incorporated in mid-century modern style bedrooms. Maximum utilization of space and simple designs are the standout characteristics of mid-denture modern designs. This is one of the reasons why natural materials were the first choice in the period despite the availability of other materials.

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