Mid Century Modern Kitchen – How to Create One For Your Home

Undeniably mid-century modern design is one of the best when it comes to elegance and functionality. If you are a fan of this popular design and theme, here is how you can recreate the magic of the 1950s in your kitchen. There are a few ooh distinct characteristics that need to be borne in mind when you work on the design. The first is the need for ensuring that functionality is not hampered because of any design element. The important characteristic is the need to blend the kitchen with natural surroundings. Finally, you need to ensure that designs are free from excessive ornamental detailing. These three characteristics need to run through the entire design to ensure that the kitchen fits the description of mid-century modern design. Here is a detailed look at mid-century modern kitchens.

Standard characteristics of a mid-century modern kitchen

The period between the 1930s and 1960s is typically associated with the mid-century modern design. This error has been inspirational in terms of design and is best known for the minimalism and elegant switch combined together to offer a unique flavor. A kitchen that is modeled on the mid-century modern design needs to have the following design elements. 

#1 The kitchen plan needs to be more of an open floor plan type. In other words, kitchens are not to have partitions or walls in between. The whole area needs to be one single floor plan. This helps to create a spacious and roomy look that is always associated with mid-century modern styles.  The designs appeared at a time when there was a need to make use of available space intelligently.

#2 The choice of materials has to be either natural or natural finish. mid-century modern style is all about the use of natural materials such as wood glass metal and leather. It is hence necessary to choose natural materials. In the event that alternate composite materials are used, it is necessary to choose materials that have a natural finish such as wood veneer. This helps to give furniture the natural look, despite the use of artificial materials.

#3 The colors need to be nice and warm which will help to elevate the appearance of the furniture used in mid-century modern kitchens. Bold and sharply contrasting colors are the opposite of muted and subdued designs which are intrinsic to mid-century modern designs. It is, therefore, necessary to choose colors that are as close as possible to colors typically seen in natural materials. This helps to create the natural look and feel.

#4 Kitchens that are modeled on the mid-century modern design typically have shelves that are open. Only a limited number of shelves may have closed spaces. This is in keeping with the minimalistic design and avoiding the need for complexities in the functional aspects of the design. The designs dispensed with the need for a complicated opening mechanism or door

Additionally, the lighting needs to involve retro lighting concepts that will illuminate the place in style. While the design of the lighting fixtures may be muted and subdued, the actual lighting should be bright enough to light up the place. Furniture needs to offer the desired levels of comfort without making the design appear too complex or loaded. For instance, chairs used in kitchen tables need to support extended sitting by giving the occupant adequate support. The backrest and armrest of chairs should not hamper activities at the kitchen, but offer the right kind of support. 

Different types of design elements of mid-century modern kitchens

Within the mid-century modern style, it is possible to choose a distinct type to meet your specific needs or match the overall decor of your house. For instance, you can use the mid-century modern concept in your farm kitchen, in a kitchen modeled on Scandinavian influences, in a traditional kitchen or in a beach kitchen. In fact, the list is virtually endless and you can use the mid-century modern concept in any type of kitchen provided the defining characteristics of the mid-century style are followed.

Regardless of the type of kitchen that you wish to have, it is necessary to bear in mind that minimalism, functionality and natural finish need to be the hallmarks of your kitchen if you want it to be called mid-century modern style. For instance, you can opt for an all-white kitchen in the mid-century modern style. But it will certainly need to be minimalistic and free from excessive detailing. It will be necessary to choose materials that have a wood finish/veneer. 

The contrasting colors need to be subtle and elegant. It would also help to ensure that appliances are chosen in a manner that it a blend in with the look and feel of a mid-century modern kitchen. It is necessary to ensure that kitchens feature an open shelf and a limited number of cabinets with closed storage spaces.

Countertops of kitchens built in the mid-century modern style are distinct in terms of material and colors. Similarly, chairs round kitchen tables are also clearly distinct with different shapes and showcase the retro era in style. 

Simple methods for transformation of a kitchen into a mid-century modern kitchen

It is possible to transform your kitchen into one with the mid-century modern style. A little bit of renovation and the choice of the right kind of finish is all that is required to achieve this makeover. For instance, it would be necessary to remove all partitions inside the kitchen 2 to ensure that the whole floor plan comprises one single unbroken area. Not only does this make the kitchen appear spacious, it allows natural light to flow in freely everywhere. Mid-century modern styles are all about integrating a space or furniture with its surroundings seamlessly. This is exactly why it is necessary to ensure that used materials or materials that have a natural finish. Wood veneer or materials that have a simple natural finish is the need of the hour. Shelves need to offer easy access to articles objects stored inside. 

Functionality is of paramount importance in mid-century modern style and this makes it necessary for shelves to sport 8 designs that are open and without doors. Storage spaces are generally compact yet not cramped. Multipurpose designs are encouraged in mid-century modern styles and any furniture that can double up as a multipurpose design will the tag of mid-century modern style.

Kitchens generally have tables or spacers for cutting and shopping in addition to a few stools and chairs around the kitchen table. These need to be simple in design and concept with geometric elegant shapes. The designs need to be clean and simple without excessive detailing. The term modern should not be confused with the meaning of modern in a different context. It is therefore important to choose the right kind of materials and furniture to give the kitchen a retro look. Mid-century modern style does not certainly refer to a contemporary style but is a clear reference to the period between the 1930s and 1960s. It is true that outside influences and contemporary era requirements can be born in mind while making modifications, but the essence of mid-century modern style is to create the throwback feel. 

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