Mid Century Modern Lighting – Essential Lights for the Right Ambiance

Most individuals are likely to associate mid-century modern styles with furniture, design color and themes. However, it is also important to understand that lighting is an important dimension for any home. Mid-century modern lighting is not just any other concept but an integral part of the mid-century modern design. The period between the 1930s and 1960s saw the emergence of a radical and refreshingly new design concept. This was all about minimalism, functionality, muted designs and subdued shades. Despite the fact that trends and designs keep changing with the times, the mid-century modern design has never gone out of vogue. This appeal extends to everything that has got to do with mid-century modern concepts, such as the décor, the furniture, and the lighting.

Mid-century modern lighting is not only about the fittings but the nature of illumination as well and the manner in which rooms are lit up. With the right kind of lighting fitments, it is possible to add more value to homes with mid-century modern concepts. One of the distinct characteristics of mid-century modern style is the integration of spaces with surroundings and natural light. In other words, this means that materials our natural while the windows and doors are also large enough to permit natural light to stream in. Effectively this means that natural light is used in homes during the day with lighting required only when it is dark. The ambiance and the illumination that mid-century modern lighting offers help to enhance the appeal of rooms. Functionality is of paramount importance in anything that has got to do with mid-century modern style. It is the same when it comes to lighting fitments and options. Here is a look at how you can eliminate your interiors with mid-century modern lighting.

Different types of fitments in mid-century modern lighting

Among the various components of mid-century modern lighting, a few distinct types of fitments are worth mentioning because of the popularity and immediate association with the style. Floor lamps, chandeliers, shaded fixtures, and globes are the types of fitments that are immediately associated with mid-century modern lighting. These light fitments conform to the requirements and complement the style created by mid-century modern furniture, decor, and style. For instance, the floor lamps are versatile and minimalistic at the same time. The lamps can be used anywhere within the house and can offer the right kind of illumination as required. The styles are simple and elegant, without excessive ornamentation or detailing, and this conforms to the broad design features that are characteristic of mid century modern designs.

Shaded lamps – these lamps offer just the right amount of focus lighting for specific requirements. For instance, these lamps are more suitable for use in kitchens about the countertop for kitchen tables. Home occupants can easily work in the kitchens without disturbing anyone late in the night. This is especially important considering the fact that kitchens and all rooms generally have an open floor plan without walls or partitions in between.

Floor lamps – these lamps are suitable for use in bedrooms and living rooms and the height is versatile enough to offer the right kind of lighting for reading and working purpose. The portable nature of the floor lamps makes it possible for home uses it to shift it within the house as required. Floor lamps are multipurpose in nature and different designs have open storage space in the structure. This space can be used effectively to who plays little objects that may require to be accessed frequently from the bed or from the sofa. The whole idea is to offer a compact lighting solution. 

Chandeliers – despite the fact that chandeliers are typically regarded as opulent, the designs of mid-century modern chandeliers are a bit different. Minimalistic and functional to the core, these chandeliers are devoid of intricate detailing or any kind of ornamentation. The light fitments offer the right kind of illumination in simple designs that are suitable for use in living rooms and hallways. 

Globe lamps – these lamps are used for meeting different type of lighting requirements in homes. Globe lamps are a lot different from shaded lamps and throw lighting all around. The higher illumination makes it suitable for use in rooms wherever more lighting is required. The design is simple and elegant and does not feature any kind of detail. Installation and maintenance are quite simple and the choice of eating helps to ensure that the right kind of illumination is possible in homes. 

Design elements of mid-century modern lighting

Mid-century modern lighting fitments have distinct characteristics similar to other mid-century modern styles. For instance, wood, metal, and glass are the common/popular materials used in mid-century modern lighting. The designs make use of these natural materials in a manner that makes the lighting fitments appear appealing and elegant. The craftsmanship and the concepts combine together to deliver stunning masterpieces that enhance the decor of homes.

The shapes of light fitments are typically geometric and organic without any complicated or intricate design elements. Simple straight elegant lines and symmetric shapes of lampshades and globes help to deliver the minimalistic designs that are characteristic of mid-century modern style. The use of natural materials makes these light fitments more durable and sturdy. The simple shapes and straight lines make it easy for maintenance and installation. Unlike complicated designs and shapes, which make it difficult for installation, these fitments can be easily installed by individuals, without the need for any technical expertise. The illumination levels of mid-century modern lighting are neither too bright nor too low, offering the best choice of ambient lighting as well as specific lighting requirements. 

How to makeover your home with mid-century modern lighting

Mid-century modern lighting can be easily used to give the right kind of ambient lighting and specific lighting requirements. This will not only create the right kind of glow but will help to elevate and fully complement the mid-century modern furniture and decor in your homes. To begin with, it is necessary to choose different types of lighting for different rooms. Chandeliers are not meant for bedrooms and are ideal for use in common rooms such as living rooms or hallways or dining rooms. The number of fitments in a chandelier needs to be chosen on the basis of the size of the room and the amount of light that is required. Mid-century modern concepts are all about subtle and muted designs and it would not help to have overly bright lighting spoiling the show. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the fitment as per the size and the requirement of light.

Shaded lamps are ideal for use above kitchen tables and desks that are used as workplaces. Shaded lamps are not suitable for use as a lighting option in a general area or bedrooms. The only exception is if you choose to place your desk in your bedroom and would prefer to work late in the night without disturbing your partner. Floor lamps are versatile and can be used anywhere in the house – especially bedrooms and living rooms. Floor lamps may not be the most ideal fitments for kitchens but it can certainly be used as a substitute if required.

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