How to Get the Right Mid-Century Modern Living Room Look

Design trends are never meant to remain unchanged. Various concepts and themes appear during different eras and fade with the times. Certain styles and themes remain popular and are replicated during different eras either with changes or without changes. Mid-century modern style which refers to the styles that were introduced in the period between the 1930s and 1960s is one among the few styles that are hugely popular. This is despite the fact that this style is all about minimalism and functionality, unlike other periodic design concepts which focus on intricate designs and bold colour combinations. 

The best part about mid-century modern style is the fact that it can be integrated with any decor easily with slight modifications. The right kind of furniture and minor modifications is all that is required to achieve a makeover and give any room a mid-century modern living style. Living rooms are the perfect candidate for this makeover and it is easy to achieve this transformation by choosing the right kind of furniture. In which century modern living room would typically have a sofa, a coffee table, tv console, and armchair. The right type of designs, colors, and materials is all that is required to make a living room look like a mid-century modern living room. Here is detailed information about how this can be achieved. 

Different types of furniture in mid-century modern living rooms

As mentioned above, the different types of furniture in a mid-century modern living room are basically four but could include an additional desk and separate tables for use as a tv stand and console tables. Each piece of furniture as a distinct style gives it the mid-century modern look. For instance, the design is generally elegant and minimalistic, free from heavy ornamentation or detailing. Functionality is of primary importance, and the materials used in mid-century modern furniture are generally natural. This also ensures that the furniture is rugged and durable. It is, however, true that presently, furniture available in the market are made from composite materials with a natural finish. For instance, wood veneer and wood finish are typically used on composite materials to give it the appearance of natural wood.

The colors that are used in different furniture for mid-century modern living rooms are typically warm and belong to that category of colors which are as close as possible to colors found in natural materials. In other words, you will find that the color of materials appears to be as close as possible to wood leather and metal. The craftsmanship of furniture of mid-century modern style was more about straight lines and uncomplicated designs. The need was clearly to build furniture and products that last long by blending different types of materials. 

Sofas – mid-century modern living rooms typically have sofas that are our space-saving and multipurpose. A sofa could double up as a day bed or an additional bed by a simple rearrangement. Sofas generally sport upholstery that gives a touch of class and elegance to the living room. Low profile in terms of height, the sofas offer comfortable sitting posture, with the right height of armrest and backrest. Colors are generally warmer and easy to blend in with any theme or decor in homes.

Coffee tables – these low profile tables were the ideal complement for sofas making the living room a comfort zone for guests and occupants alike. Simple and elegant, the coffee tables have adequate space for placing beverages. Certain coffee tables do have an additional level below, which is typically used for placing books and newspapers.

TV console tables – mid-century modern living rooms offer the ultimate living experience for homeowners. The low profile TV console tables perfectly match the low profile of the armchairs and sofas, giving ultimate during pleasure. The simplistic and uncomplicated tv console table designs give easy access to electronic gadgets necessary for viewing television while keeping messy cables out of sight.

Desk – writing desk made in the mid-century modern design is useful for employees and businessman who you prefer to work ok in the living room or keep required documents for easy access. Here again, the designs are uncomplicated and simple, giving the user the advantage of maximum functionality in a classic design. This is generally combined with the right kind of lighting to permit home owners or occupants to use the desk without disturbing others.

Design elements of mid-century modern living rooms

The sofas need to have adequate seating space and offer the right levels of comfort and luxury. This can be achieved by choosing sofas with proper backrest height, additional questions, right height, and dual-purpose design. It is important to choose various furniture’s for a mid-century modern living room by planning every aspect carefully. From the carpets to the ceiling and the walls, every single aspect accounts. 

Mid-century modern style requires the integration of all elements smoothly. This is exactly why it is necessary to ensure that the materials and designs blend with the environment smoothly. The windows and doors of living rooms need to be large and spacious enough to permit natural like to stream in. Without exception, all mid-century modern decor and designs have a special emphasis on open floor plans. In other words, it is necessary to ensure that there are no partitions or divisions within the living room that will make space appear small or cramped. 

You could also look at a loveseat or accent chairs for the living room. However, it is necessary to choose additional furniture only is adequate space is available. The central theme of mid-century modern living rooms or style is minimalism and functionality. 

Transforming your living rooms with the right choice

To transform your living room into a mid-century modern living room, it is necessary to choose the right kind of furniture. For instance, you could intelligently choose three seater sofas, and pair it with a couple of armchairs. Without a low profile coffee table, you will find the living room to be incomplete. Therefore select a coffee table that will either blend perfectly with the sofa for offer just the right contrasting design and color combination. Bear in mind that mid-century modern styles typically do not involve very sharp contrasts in color or detailing. It is more like matching contrasting colors that are slightly different. For instance, grey and white, olive green with dark brown, black with white, and mustard with brown are some of the common color combinations. 

The designs need to have simple, elegant lines and shapes. The legs are typically displayed and intended to offer maximum stability to the furniture. Tapered legs are a hit, mainly due to the mid-century modern design, and it is, therefore, essential to opt for furniture with tapered and played legs. Armchairs offer the right kind of luxury and comfort, and you could choose the popular Eames and Ottoman combination. 

Similarly, the desk would offer just about enough storage space for stowing away materials that may be required to be accessed at short notice. A mid-century modern desk is generally compact and intended for work use. Without exception, all products generally have a wood finish for natural wood. 

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