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mid century tv stands

You may have spent a considerable sum on the latest television model, picking one that gives a pleasing experience. A good TV stand is certainly important to make the viewing experience better. For instance, the height at which the TV is placed makes a difference to your viewing, and a good TV stand makes all the difference. The mid modern style of furniture and stands are certainly one of the most sought after for the elegance and class in the designs. Here is what you need to check for in a TV stand before you make your pick.

The ideal stand needs to have a combination of open and closed shelves to permit you to store articles. The stand needs to be of the right height which will give you a more comfortable viewing experience. Imagine having to look up to watch or having to look down to watch television from your sofa, or couch? Not a good idea, right? Pick a stand that is of the right height bearing in mind the type of chair or sofa on which you will be seated. The TV stand needs ot be sturdy enough to take weight and never wobble. Finally, ensure that the back of the TV stand has the right number of ducts or open spaces through which you can route the cables for a neat and organized look. We have put together reviews of twelve of the best brands and models in the market, to help you make the right choice.

12 Best Mid Century Modern Tv Stand & Media Consoles

Modway Transmit Low Profile 55 Inch TV Stand

This walnut finishstand is one of the low profile models that is most suitable for viewing from furniture that is not very high. The designs are distinctly retro and classic. The white and brown combination makes this suitable for all themes and décor and the canted legs make this a sturdy TV stand. You get two open shelves and one closed cabinet which gives you the options of stowing away objects that may not be frequently used. For instance, this could be your blu ray discs or batteries for you remote or manuals for the TV and home theatre. The open shelves are utilitarian and help you place other entertainment electronics appliances. The particleboard frame comes with a walnut grain veneer for the dark brown shade, while the white lacquered glide drawer gives you concealed storage.


  • Convenient storage options for players and discs
  • Low profile for greater visual comfort


  • Needs to be maintained with care to prevent scratches

Manhattan Comfort Liberty Collection TV Stand

This is a classic and elegant design that is bound to impress you with the neat and clean lines and distinct retro inspired silhouette. Measuring 70.9 x 15.2 x 26.6 inches in dimensions and weighing 86 pounds, this solid wood TV stand has a spacious shelf and cabinet space that makes this utilitarian and stylish. The canted legs and the solid wood makes this sturdy and you can place your 65” television for ultimate viewing pleasure. The three shelves, single cabinet and single drawer in the model are roomy to accommodate the storage requirements associated with home theaters and playback systems. The high quality medium density fibreboard offers maximum durability and is highly resistant to scratches.


  • Craftsmanship and design makes this a compelling buy
  • Spacious cabinet and storage makes this a utilitarian TV stand


  • Suitable for large models and rooms

Modway Render Low Profile 48 Inch TV Stand

This has got to be one of the most striking designs. The walnut finish particle board TV stand has a unique slotted design on the closed shelf. The open shelf storage offers convenient access to articles frequently used. The splayed legs and the low profile combine to create a vintage look and feel that is hard to ignore. The size and build quality supports TVs up to a maximum of 48 inches, while the high quality material offers extended durability. Measuring 13.5 x 48 x 17 inches, this TV stand weighs 39 pounds and will blend in with any theme and décor of homes.


  • Stunning design and exquisite walnut finish
  • Durable and easy to maintain


  • Not suitable for heavier models of TVs

Convenience Concepts Oslo Television Stand

This is one among the unique designs that you will find in the market. The low profile stand has ample storage space in the 2 covered storage spaces, while the middle shelf has an innovative adjustable option. This makes it possible for you to adjust it as per your specific needs. The woodgrain and white contrast makes this suitable for use in all rooms. The cable management option is a thoughtful option that keeps messy wires and cables out of sight. The top piano décor and bamboo shelves, doors makes this a stunning design concept measuring 47.2 x 17.8 x 21.8 inches in dimensions, weighing 58.4 pounds.


  • Classic white and wood contrasting design
  • Ample storage, and convenient adjustable middle shelf


  • Putting this together requires patience and basic skills in fixing objects

Belham Living Carter TV Stand

This is an intriguing design that is a throwback to retro designs in furniture. The classic low profile of the TV stand and the simple elegant design of the drawers and open storage makes this a great addition to the décor of any living room. The dual notched drawers, on either side of the open shelf offer adequate storage space for articles required for watching television or playing back movies and music. Measuring 59 x 20 x 19 inches in dimensions the dark walnut finish and the low splayed legs made of poplar are durable and sturdy. The rounded edges and the simple design are classic and sophisticated.


  • Convenient closed drawers and open drawer combination for adequate storage
  • Exquisite finish and durable material


  • Challenging to assemble easily

Sofamania TV Stand and Entertainment Center

This is a contemporary design that will never fail to impress anyone with its ultra stylish looks and retro inspired design. The stark contrast of white grey and black is a play on colors that makes this unit one of the best in design success. This features two drawers and two open storage shelves with a cable management option to tuck the cables away and out of sight. The storage offers sufficient place for installing playback devices and connecting the same through the option provided. This is a modern and spacious TV stand with the right height for viewing comfort.


  • Ultra modern and classic design makes this appealing
  • Convenient cable management system and storage options makes this a great choice


  • Assembly requires considerable effort, despite the manual and tools

VASAGLE Retro TV Stand for Flat Screen

This is the ultimate rustic design that you can ever lay your hands on. The distinct two tone design of the solid rubberwood makes this an attractive option. It features two shelves with closed storage for articles that need to be free from dust or from open view. The back of the TV stand has convenient spaces for routing cables and wires and to connect electronic appliances. The stand rests on gently splayed legs which give it maximum stability while the rubberwood is destined to last long. The design and the finish make it easy to maintain, without losing its appeal. Measuring 43.4 x 15.8 x 19.5 inches in dimensions and weighing 38.3 pounds this stand has thoughtful design features such as the bottom pads that prevent damage to floors.


  • Distinct two tone rustic design
  • Convenient open storage with cable management options and closed shelf


  • Push to open closed storage could have featured a simple knob

Simpli Home Draper Solid Hardwood 60 inch TV media Stand

This exudes luxury all the way and is a showcase of the exquisite design achievements of the retro era. The auburn brown shade of the high quality hardwood blends in perfectly with any room décor. The large size of the stand accommodates TVs up to 6o inches. The handcrafted stand is the ultimate design statement, and the glazed finish is destined to put a faraway dreamy look in the eyes of all those who come across it. It is not just the design that is stunning but the features that makes this impressive and utilitarian. The adjustable middle shelf and the two side cabinets are adequate to offer necessary storage space. The low profile offers optimum viewing pleasure while the cable management slot allows you to route the cables through the back of the TV stand for easy connection of entertainment devices. The antique brass and the recessed handles for the side cabinets add to the design elegance making this the ultimate choice in luxury. Measuring 60 x 18 x 26 inches, this model weighs 98 pounds by virtue of the hardwood material.


  • Exquisite design and ultimate finish
  • High quality hardwood offers maximum durability


  • A little on the heavier side

Baxton Studio Gemini Wood Contemporary TV Stand

This is one of those elegant designs that can blend in with any décor effortlessly to give it a modern and stylish appeal. The white and wood grain contrast is distinct and sophisticated, while the low profile and the convenient storage options makes this utilitarian. Measuring 66 x 17.75 x 20.5 inches in dimensions and weighing 90.2 pounds, this retro inspired design has classic elements that make it noteworthy. The faux wood grain veneer and the white combination are accentuated by the metal handles in the sliding doors on either side of the open storage. The engineered wood frame is built to last long and the straight tapered legs are precision engineered for maximum stability.


  • Classic white and wood grain contrast
  • Utilitarian shelves and cable management system for convenience


  • Assembly can be confusing as instructions are not aligned with components/parts

Manhattan Comfort Utopia Collection TV Stand

This low profile stand made from solid wood comes with one of the most unique designs featuring corner cubby spaces. The contrasting white and wood grain finish makes this as elegant and stylish as possible. You will find it easy to match it with the décor of any room. Featuring three open shelve and to open cubby spaces on the corner, the TV stand is utilitarian. Measuring 70.5 x 8.3 x 24 inches and weighing 75 pounds, this TV stand is suitable for TV sizes upto 65 inches. The slightly splayed legs ensure that the stand is table under the weight of TVs while the high quality wood and craftsmanship assure maximum durability.

Modway Tread 47 Inch TV Stand

This joins the list of unique designs and combines many features into a single unit. The rounded edges and the two toned grains are elegant and classic, while the white and wood contrast add to the intrigue in this retro inspired design. The low profile stand features a middle open storage space with side closed shelves that open on hinged doors. This classic style TV stand offers adequate storage space for electronic gadgets necessary for entertainment in the living room. The neat cable management option permits you to route cables through the back, ensuring that it does not have a messy appearance. The splayed legs are sturdy and will accommodate TVs up to 52 inches size and offer great stability.


  • Classic elegant design with walnut white contrasting combination
  • Sturdy and utilitarian with enough storage options


  • Assembly is not easy, but requires some patience and effort

Baxton Furniture Studios Haversham Entertainment Center and Display Unit

This is a versatile entertainment unit, which is designed to cater to all requirements as a display unit. The engineered wood and the solid wood legs makes this a sturdy unit that will easily hold all your entertainment gadgets in place. The medium density fibreboard with the PU veneer gives this a classic finish while the drawers make this fully utilitarian. The smooth drawer offers easy access to objects, with the exquisite detailing of the knobs giving it a classic touch. The walnut finish gives it a dark color that makes it suitable for all decors. Measuring 11.4 x 23.2 x 51.9 inches and weighing 125.7 pounds, this is the ultimate complete unit for your entertainment units in the living room.


Classic elegant design with open and closed storage options

Sturdy construction with maximum durability


This is not suitable for small rooms and is a complete entertainment center

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