Best mid century bed – How to turn your bed room ultra comfortable

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Without exception, every individual looks forward to hitting the bed at the end of the day, and enjoying a good night’s sleep. A good bed makes a huge difference to way you sleep; it is not just the mattress, but also the frame and the bed that contributes to your sleep. Mid century designs offer a class of elegance and style that is hard to ignore or find in other themes and period designs. If you have chosen mid century designs for your furniture, then you have certainly made one of the best choices.

Before you single out the most suitable model for you home it is important to understand a few features that need to be checked. From the box springs to the headboard and the sturdy nature of the frame, every single aspect actually needs to be checked. However, to begin the process of filtering in the most suitable ones, it is necessary to check these three aspects. The first is the dimensions of the bed – you need to identify the most suitable size for your bedroom, your requirements and the mattress that you have in mind. The second is the gaps between slats – this needs to be spaced right to ensure that the mattress does not get deformed, while at the same offering some space between the slats for air circulation. The third feature that you need to check is the sturdy nature of the bed – you need something that doesn’t move around with weight or squeak when you move on the bed.

Top 10 Best Mid Century Modern Beds Reviews

We have curated and compiled reviews of ten of the best models of beds to help you make your choice from the best selling beds in the market.

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

This bed comes with the option of wood slat support or box spring, which is intended to increase the comfort levels manifold. This is a contemporary design, with a low height profile, making it easy to get on the bed and off it. Regardless of how high your mattress is, you will never find it tall or uncomfortable to get on the bed. The 7 inch clearance makes it just the right height for you to put your legs off the bed without having to stretch your legs to get your feet on the floor. The model is packed with good detailing – for instance, you will like the distance between slats that are evenly spaced out to support the mattress- with a gap of 2.9 inches in between slats. The frame is made of iron while the headboard is pine wood, and the slats are wood. The design has many thoughtful features, such as foam padded tape on the steel frame to ensure that no noise emanates from it, while the wooden slats are prevented from slipping by the non-slip tape. The frame is suitable for all mattresses – memory foam, latex, or spring. Measuring 80 x 60 x 7 inches in dimensions and weighing 85.3 pounds, this comes with a comprehensive 5 year warranty.


  • The looks are absolutely stunning and will fit in with any theme in your bedroom
  • The frame is sturdy and extremely durable, while the headboard has good detailing to make ti attractive


Assembly could be a bit of a problem for those who have limited knowledge about basic assembly as the instructions are not very helpful.

Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed

This is one of those typically elegant , sharply contrasting bed designs with dark metal legs and light colored wood finish. This bed supports mattresses that are Queen size and comes with many of the thoughtful design features seen in the previous model. For instance, the metal frame comes with padding to prevent the bed from making any noise, while the slats are held in place by non-stick tape. Measuring 60″ X 80″ X 14″ in dimensions and weighing 76.3 pounds, this bed comes with wooden slats support. The height of the headboard is 41”, while the bed itself is not the low profile types, with 14 inches of clearance from the ground. The rustic wood finish contrasts perfectly with the metal frame, adding the element of appeal to the bed. The queen sized bed supports all mattresses – spring, memory foam, latex and hybrid.


  • This dispenses with the need for box spring mattresses
  • Elegant and stylish, it is durable and will last really long


  • Installation of this bed requires some effort, and it helps to take assistance from experts

DHP Franklin Daybed, with Linen Upholstery

This twin sized bed is a throwback to the retro style and features a unique design that makes it suitable for use as a daybed. The three raised sides give it the lounge look and is the ideal piece of furniture for use as a daybed. The design is appealing with straight lines, while the legs are gently tapering. The dual purpose that this design offers as a daybed cum lounge makes it medium profile in height. The grey linen upholstery and contrasting light colored wooden legs are the perfect combination for this bed measuring 41.5 x 78 x 33 inches in dimensions and weighing 86 pounds. This does not require separate box springs and the wooden slats are spaced out nice and even, to make this one of the best models that when it comes to offering firm support with good air circulation. You can use any twin sized mattress with this bed and can enjoy ultimate comfort in utilitarian model.


  • Dual use as daybed and bed
  • Dispenses with need for box spring


  • The alignment of the sides with the back requires a little more than basic knowledge of assembly

Great Deal Furniture Baron Queen Platform Bed Frame

This is a classic that you will love the moment you set your eyes on it. The tufted designs and the appealing color contrast of the headboard, frame and legs makes this desirable. You can blend this with décor or theme in your home. This queen sized bed frame measuring 87.8 x 63.8 x 43.5 inches in dimensions and weighing 52.9 pounds is made from 100% polyester while the leg has a natural wood finish. The fabric of the headboard gives it a luxurious and elegant look. The comfort levels are enhanced with the slats that ensure full support for the mattresses of your choice. This model does not require the use of any box spring as the slats take care of the support.


  • The classy style makes this comfortable and luxurious
  • The slat support system ensures that the comfort levels are superior


  • Assembly is not very complicated per se, but you will definitely needs atleast two people to work on it for more than an hour to get it installed

Modway Anya Upholstered Light Gray Platform Bed

This queen sized bed frame has a strong minimalistic appeal that will take straight back to the retro era. The padded headboard gives you the right kind of soft support to help you read or watch a movie from your bed. The simple design with low profile and classic gray color makes it suitable for just about any color or theme in your bedroom. The plywood construction is durable while the platform is itself stable, you will not find it shaking or wobbly. The thoughtful design elements include protective caps that ensure that the legs do not leave scratch marks on the floor. The support type for the mattress comprises a reinforced center beam. This works in combination with a cross beam to give the desire stability.


  • You need not get a box spring for your mattress as the support system is enough to give you comfortable support for the mattress
  • The slats are spaced evenly apart to give the mattress superior support


  • The assembly can be quite confusing and it definitely requires professional help

Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

This mattress foundation bed with firm wooden slat support is another one of those classic designs that can transform the appearance of your bedroom. The classic styling of the bed in true retro style and the blue and light brown combination of the upholstery and legs makes this strongly appealing. Made from wood with steel frame, the king sized bed frame measures 80.5 x 76 x 12.2 inches in dimensions and weighs 97.9 pounds. The wooden slats are strong and durable while the thoughtful design features include foam padded tape to prevent noise.


  • The steel frame is extremely durable and will last long
  • The wooden slats are firm and nicely spaced for maximum support to King sized mattresses


  • Though it is sturdy enough, it depends on how professionally you get to assemble it

Modway Wood Platform Size Bed with Two Nightstands

This is multi component bed, offering you the advantage of matching nightstands on either side to make the design more appealing and utilitarian. The queen sized bed frame comes with classic styling and is perhaps one of the best in looks with its unique mid century design. The gently splayed legs, the low profile and the matching nightstands combine to create a stunning presentation. The cappuccino beige color bed measures 84″L x 59″W x 43″H in dimensions while the Nightstand measures 22″L x 16″W x 21″H in dimensions. The superior quality sturdy wood and the firm mattress support eliminates the need for box springs.


  • Stunning style will make this instantly desirable
  • The sturdy design offers maximum support to the mattress and occupants


  • It needs assistance to get all the different components installed

Zinus Deluxe Wood Platform Bed with Adjustable Headboard

This queen sized bedframe measuring 81.6 x 60 x 38.4 inches in dimensions and weighing 89.1 pounds is elegant and minimalistic in design. The retro style will perfectly blend with any décor in your house and make a contrasting design to highly detailed interiors. This bed dispenses with the need for box springs, while th adjustable headboard makes it convenient to meet different requirements. The wooden slats are strong and firm and you will find that the mattresses remain in shape for long. The other features worth mentioning are the anti-slip tape and the strong wood used in the bed.


  • Dispenses with the need for box springs or support
  • Elegant and minimalistic, ideal for all interiors


  • As with most of the models, this requires a bit of installation expertise

Mid-Century Ivory Linen Low Profile Platform Bed Frame

This queen sized bed is both classic and contemporary in design. The tufted headboard and the low profile of the bed makes this instantly appealing and you will find that linen fabric upholstery adding to the appeal of your bedroom. The metal rails and hardwood combination makes this highly durable while ensuring that the support to the mattress is firm. This keeps the mattress from deforming and will give you a good night’s sleep always. The detailing is eye catching and attractive and you will be able to blend this easily into any room.


  • Contemporary design makes it appealing
  • Sturdy design with metal and wood combination for stability and durability


  • Needs to be assembled with care

Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Linen Bed

This queen size bed measuring 64 x 85.5 x 43.5 inches in dimensions and measuring 88 pounds has a modern and stylish look. The grey linen upholstery and tufted headboard combine perfectly with the gently splayed wooden legs of light color. The bed frame comes with a bentwood slat support system that ensures firm support with adequate ventilation. Your mattresses remain in proper shape for a long time while the ventilation keeps it fresh. One of the standout design feature is the even pressure distribution that makes it durable and sturdy.


  • The contemporary style makes it suitable for all bedroom décor
  • The sturdy bentwood slat support system ensures that the mattresses give you maximum comfort


  • Despite being simple in design, it needs effort in putting it together

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