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Design trends change and transit from one era to the next. However, certain styles have a timeless appeal that never go out of fashion. The Victorian era and the mid-modern style in furniture are classic and elegant, presenting a minimalism that is elegant and appealing. Mid century desks are one among the many types of furniture that are both functional and esthetic. The right work desk can help to improve comfort levels when you work while adding a touch of class to the interiors. If you are inclined towards mid modern styles, and are on the lookout for desks of that design, check out these few tips that you can use.

Height – This is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider. This is ideally checked along with the height of the chair on which you will be seated. The height at which the display of your PC/laptop is placed will determine your comfort levels. The height at which your arms reach the keyboard will have an effect on your posture. The right posture when seated at work is important for eliminating pain in the lower back.

Drawers/open storage – Your work desk or study desk may require either open or closed storage to stow books, pocket devices or work related material. You need to be able to keep things away, but just within reach for ease of access.

Table top space – The size of the desk needs to be compact enough, yet offer adequate space to meet your requirements. Your work desk should not be cramped, yet not be too large enough to take up unwanted space. Choose one that is just about enough for an uncluttered experience.

Top 10 Best Mid Century Modern Desks

Now that you’ve understood the basics of picking the most suitable desk, it’s time to look at the different top sellers in the market. We have curated a list of the ten best mid century desks, making it easy for you pick from the list.

Nathan James Telos Desk with Drawer

This is the classic contrasting design of white and brown that is sure to make eyes turn with its simplistic design. At a single glance you will get a good idea of the sturdy build of this model. Measuring 42” x 20” x 30″ in dimensions, and weighing 45 pounds the surface of the desk is adequate for meeting your work needs. The thoughtfully designed drawer offers storage space for all needs. The superior quality engineered wood gets a great finish in white that makes this desk suitable for all décor. You can match this desk with any theme or furniture as the white blends beautifully with virtually any color. The build quality is exceptionally strong with the pine wood legs assuring complete stability. Features that make this model more user friendly are the little thoughtful details such as the floor protector pads on the legs. You can actually use this as a table for multiple purposes. Setting this up does not require expertise or specialist tools. The lack of complicated detailing and features makes this one of the easiest to maintain. The engineered wood offers total protection against scratches and is also water proofed – this means that you need not be worried about spills.

Ameriwood Haven Retro Desk with Riser

This compact desk with riser is a pure elegance. The weathered oak and the concept come together to offer you ultimate convenience in great style. The desk top is spacious enough, permitting you to work on your laptop, do your writing. The additional riser is just perfect and within reach to help you place other objects of use. The elegant combination of gray color finish gives it the classic touch seen in bygone eras. The hairpin legs made of metal give a sharp design dimension to this classic. Measuring 35.4”H X 44.7”W X 23.8”D in dimensions, the surface of the desk is large enough for all working needs, and is versatile – you can in fact use it in any room of your house. It is compact enough, yet it meets requirements easily. The build is sturdy and long lasting, and will easily support objects upto 70 pounds, which means that most of your requirements can be met. The riser, though compact can hold 20 pounds, supporting your requirements.

Writing Brown Notebook Desk

This has got to be one of the best minimalistic design concepts. A simple desk top, with classic metallic legs that offer sturdy support, this is a table that gives you the subdued elegance of the Victorian era. It is highly utilitarian and compact, and can be transported easily. The best feature about this model is the ability to transform the packed frame and desk into a fully functioning and sturdy desk in minutes. All that you need to do is open the metallic frame and snap the desktop surface on it – it takes seconds and does not require tools. This is the ultimate space saver that assures durability and elegance. Measuring 39.4 x 19.7 x 29.5 inches in dimensions and weighing 21 pounds, this lightweight model has all the space that you need to get on with your work easily, without feeling cramped. The material used – Medium Density Fibreboard of waterproofed, which means that you will not have to worry about any spills changing the deep brown color of the desk.

Poly and Bark Ralston Writing Desk

This walnut finish desk has all the trappings of Victorian era designs. The hairpin legs combine perfectly with the deep brown of the simple desk top. The gently curving edges and the plain top make this exquisitely elegant and classic. Conforming to the mid modern century design concepts fully, the grains on the veneer give this an appearance that is hard to ignore. The melamine veneer is simple to maintain and assures you of maximum durability. Measuring 19.8 x 40 x 29.8 inches in dimensions and weighing 30 pounds, this offers adequate space to meet all your requirements. Durability is an important consideration when you buy furniture and this scores high – the powder coated legs will last long while the desk top of MDF and smooth veneer finish will maintain the same glossy and classic look for long. This model does not require any specialist tools or techniques for assembly. In fact, you will not even find the need for someone to assist you when doing. This is a versatile and compact model that can meet all of your requirements easily, and can be put away when not in use.

Techni Mobili Modern Desk with Storage

This is the classic design that takes you right into the Victorian era. The canted legs and the contrasting shades of the legs and desk top are the modern elements that are infused with the retro design to give this a mid-modern look. The durability and the appearance combine to make this one of the most sought after models. The heavy duty particle boards are layered with laminate veneer to give it moisture resistant qualities. The pine finish and color of the top contrast starkly with the white, canted steel legs. Measuring 30″ x 21.7″ x 45.3″, in dimensions and weighing 49 pounds, this model features a drawer that offers additional storage space. A thoughtful design element is the cord management design that helps you to keep the cords out of sight and easily accessible from the back. Putting this together will not require any specialist assistance if you can follow the instructions and carefully put together the furniture. However, you will need someone to help you assemble this. Maintenance is a breeze, the powder coated legs are corrosion resistant, while the PVC laminate can be cleaned with a soft cloth in a single wipe. It is firm and stable, and will last really long, which makes this a classic addition to your furniture at home.

Convenience Concepts Oslo 1-Drawer Desk

This is a refreshing design concept, combining white with a light shade to bring the beauty of classic Victorian era designs to your home. Measuring 39.5 x 19 x 29.25 inches in dimensions and weighing 45 pounds, this helps you organize stuff easily. The model comes with a set of drawers that permit you to keep articles segregated and easy to access. The surface is large enough to meet your work needs and you will find the design matching any décor or color theme in your house. The construction quality is superior and the Medium Density Fibreboard will last long. Similarly, the rubberwood tapered legs provide the firm support that is required for a work desk. You will not find it wobbly or unstable at any point of time. The combination of the concealed storage, the esthetic design and the pleasant color combination makes this durable model a hit.

Great Deal Furniture Belle Mid Century Wood Desk

Walnut finish will never go out of favor and this is another example of how a walnut finish can enhance a design. This is as classic as classic can be – the simplistic design ensures that you get a stable and exquisite desk top. The sleek drawer makes this all the more alluring, as are the unique leg designs that make this standout. The gentle curved edges and the classy knob on the drawer are the design elements that transform a desk into an eye catching attraction. Measuring 57 x 23 x 29 inches in diameter and weighing 47.2 pounds, this desk is extremely durable. Made from faux wood with a veneer overlay, it will be hard to tell the difference – in terms of appearance or performance or durability. The veneer overlay finish means that you will not find it tough to clean or maintain it, while the faux wood will last really long. This is spacious enough to accommodate all your requirements when working. The concealed storage offers easy access to objects, making your work more comfortable.

bonVIVO Writing Desk Massimo

This is a fusion of the modern with the classic of the bygone era. The glass top of the table and the utilitarian open storage beneath combines perfectly with the novel square leg design. The white of the glazed storage space contrasts with the light brown legs and the glass that offers complete visibility of the articles on the lower level. This is a versatile model and can be used for multiple purposes. This is the ultimate desk for the fashion conscious, offering a blend of the modern with the classic. The bamboo legs offer a high level of stability and durability, while the glass top measuring 29.5 / 43.3 / 21.6 inches in dimension is adequate enough as a workstation. Assembly does require a little bit of patience and careful following of instructions as it involves different materials. Weighing 55.1 pounds, the desk is firm and stable and is guaranteed to bring in a fresh design concept into your home.

Nathan James Leighton Two-Drawer Desk

This is another of those classic models that transport you back in time. The contrasting colors are a hit and are sure to make you proud, every time a visitor admires the beauty of the shape and the finish. The black and gold combination is innovative and classic, and comes with utilitarian drawers that help you to organize your stuff neatly. The design and the finish make this the perfect piece of furniture that can fit into any theme or color combination of your home. It is a natural in a contemporary setting, and will fit into any luxurious décor gracefully. Measuring 42″ x 20” x 30”, this rectangular shape desk is highly durable and will support maximum weight of 220 pounds in its 56.5 pounds frame and desk top. This vintage design is made from superior quality medium density fibreboard and the L shaped metal legs are powder coated for maximum durability.

Baxton Furniture Studios Casarano 2 Drawer Writing Desk

Simplistic, yet elegant, this retro design desk is the ultimate collectible. The stark contrast of the white paneled drawers and the dark walnut finish makes this an addition you will love to have in your home. It is utilitarian, yet stylish, and the two tone finish makes this alluring. Made from solid rubberwood and medium density fibreboard, the dark walnut finish veneer enhances the angled edges beautifully. The canted legs and the minimalist design are the perfect foil, complementing each other with an appeal that is distinct. Measuring 40.2 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches in dimension and weighing 20 pounds, this lightweight and compact desk meets all your work requirements easily. The concealed storage offers you the added convenience of stowing objects away in a nice and organized manner. You can easily move it around the home and clean it without a fuss, while the quality of the material and the workmanship offer you assurance of extended durability.

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