Mid Century Modern Furniture

Designs and themes change with the times – and only certain styles have a timeless appeal to it. Some remain popular for ever with slight cosmetic changes, while some disappear, only to surface later in an entirely different era like a rediscovered trend. Mid-century modern style belongs to the timeless category and has a distinct style that is hard to miss or ignore. An entire range of furniture and décor for homes and commercial establishments are available in the mid-century style and is hugely popular. Here is a look into the various dimensions of mid-century modern furniture.

Why is a style labeled as mid-century modern style and how can it be recognized?

It is time to take a step back into history to understand all about mid-century modern style. It refers to the style of furniture that was made during the period 1933 to 1965. This can also be called a design trend or movement that was popularly associated with the 1950s. As a design trend, it was replaced by other styles later but still retained popularity due to the timeless appeal and charm of the styles. It continued to be a preferred type of design movement in furniture, despite other trends hitting the markets globally.

The style received a huge push recently with manufacturers digging out the old design books to make furniture modeled on the mid-century modern styles. It is possible to easily identify mid-century modern styles from a sea of furniture, due to the distinct styles. There are various characteristics that will help to identify mid-century modern styles. Here is a look at different characteristics that define the style succinctly.

Muted designs – the designs are not outlandish or loud, but muted and soft. More like a subtle design, you will find that mid-century modern styles are minimalistic, without bells and whistles. The design themes have straight lines and uncluttered features. The minimalism blends with the choice of muted design feature to create an unmistakable charm and appeal that is difficult to miss. It is important to understand that despite the minimalistic nature of designs, mid-century modern styles have a magnetic charm and appeal that makes furniture the center of attraction.

Natural materials – mid-century modern designs use natural materials such as wood, leather, steel, and metal. A combination of natural materials is typically used in mid-century modern designs. The use of synthetic material began long after the mid-century modern design era. This makes it timeless as natural materials possess an appeal that is hard to witness in synthetic materials. Furniture of the period relied on workmanship and most furniture was handcrafted painstakingly with minimal use of machines. This permitted experts to use and leverage the appeal of natural materials through superior craftsmanship.

Functional features – the single most important attribute of mid-century modern style was the functionality behind the design. While furniture certainly is meant to be functional, other design trends typically laid emphasis on the appearance while meeting the functional requirement. In the case of mid-century modern style, it was the functionality that was the sole criteria, and this explains the minimalistic designs. Minimalism and functionality go hand in hand and this created a distinct style that stood out and continues to have a timeless charm.

Different types within mid-century modern furniture

There are different types of mid-century modern furniture, intended for use in homes and the most popular types include – beds, dressers, nightstands, sofas, coffee tables, TV consoles, dining tables and chairs, kitchen tables and chairs, and outdoor chairs.

These different categories of furniture were meant for specific uses, as can be seen from the difference between kitchen tables and dining tables. Each had its own use cases and were designed, manufactured with the features that suited the functional requirements. This also helped manufacturers to create designs with the right color combinations to blend in with typical décor of the era. Here is an overview of the few of the popular types of furniture. 

Beds – mid-century modern style beds were comfortable and stylish with minimalism adding a touch of elegance to the appeal. The highlight of beds of mid-century modern style was the right detailing and craftsmanship that made the beds appealing. Furniture of this era and style typically had canted and tapered legs, with a low profile. 

Sofas – mid-century modern style sofas brought a touch of class to living rooms with superior comfort levels and elegance that was subdued yet appealing. The simple styling and low profile with the characteristic straight lines and tapered legs offered stability, comfort, and style in living room furniture.

Coffee tables – coffee tables complemented the appeal of living rooms becoming the center of attraction in addition to offering complete functionality. The convenience of placing reading material or beverages on the low coffee table in the living rooms made this a necessity. Mid-century designs added the element of style and attraction to the coffee tables. 

TV consoles – the retro style that mid-century modern range of furniture brings to homes is perhaps best seen in the TV consoles. The timeless charm of the canted legs and the low profile, with the dark wood color and simple cabinets, make the designs appealing. Functionality is best seen in the open and closed cabinet combination and the convenient duct holes for cables. 

Dining tables and chairs – while tables were again classified into dining and kitchen, the most popular were dining and in most cases, were the only ones used in smaller homes. The mid-century modern style gave homeowners a spacious table, with a sturdy build, and the minimalistic designs were devoid of any form of carving or detailing. This gave it a timeless appeal and charm that endures even today.

Chairs completed the picture, matching the table, in material, color and designs. The dimensions of the chairs and complemented the dining tables and gave a well-rounded look with clean lines and elegant minimalistic classic designs. 

How to transform your home with the mid modern style of furniture

the With the right choice of mid-century modern furniture, it is possible to give your home a classic and elegant appeal. The style is distinct and fits in perfectly with any décor and color combination. This is possible because of the choice of natural materials in mid modern century styles, thereby giving the furniture a natural look and finish in dark or light shades. The range of furniture presently available in the market comes with thoughtful little designs such as protective pads to prevent the furniture from leaving scratch marks on the floor or causing indentation on carpets/rugs.

Mid modern century style of furniture come in utilitarian models that actually help to save space. For instance, the sofa can be used as a bed with a little modification. The craftsmanship, finish, and choice of colors make this range of furniture standout for elegance. The present range of furniture is a blend of traditional and new materials that create an interesting contrast to enhance the appeal of the furniture. The forms and shapes are at times modified slightly to give a contemporary twist to the range of furniture, making the range more attractive. This makes it more versatile and open to outside influences.

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