The best mid century modern coffee table – How to bring elegance into your living rooms

mid century coffee table

The low coffee tables in living rooms are often the center of attraction combining utility with style. A design element that is a throwback to the Victorian era, coffee tables are the ultimate fusion in design, blending mid century with the modern. The height of the tables combined with the distinct styling makes coffee tables part of the art deco style. The creativity of designers and the wide choices of designs that are available may sometimes make it difficult to pick the one that is most suitable. Before you start choosing one, check out a few tips that you can use to pick the most suitable coffee table.

Height – Ideally the height of the coffee table should not be more than the height of your sofa, or upholstered chairs. In fact, the best height of a coffee table is a shade lower than the sitting level of the sofa/chairs.

Design and dimensions – The design needs to blend in with the furniture around it. If you plan to mix and match with a contrasting design, ensure that it looks appealing and not odd. The dimensions and design go hand in hand. In other words choose a design that is suitable for the dimensions. For instance, a small table may have a wonderful design, but the design would not be suitable for a table of large dimensions.

Open storage – Most coffee tables are used as handy furniture pieces for placing beverages, drinks, books, papers, and remote in the living room. Depending on your need, you may sometimes require open storage beneath the coffee table top. Choose according to your requirement here.

To 10 Best Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

To help you make a choice form the best ones available in the market, we have lined up a review of ten of the top designs that are available in stores and online.

Modway Transmit Mid-Century Coffee Table Walnut – White

This will take you right back to the Victorian era with its elegant, rounded corners and retro styling. You will relive the charm of the mid-century with the flared stance of the sturdily built coffee table made with a particle board frame. Weighing 53 pounds and measuring 23″L x 47″W x 15″H in dimensions, the walnut grain veneer will lift the appearance of your living room. The white color of the drawer (closed storage) stands out in stark contrast with the dark brown walnut grain veneer. This is the perfect piece to adorn your living rooms and has enough space for stocking books and magazines. You will find the space and the finish just right to place your favorite beverages, cocktails and snacks atop the exquisitely designed table top.

Ink+Ivy Blaze Accent Wood Coffee Table

Measuring 40Wx27Dx17.125H” in dimension and weighing all of 22 pounds, this is a lightweight solid Rubberwood Pecan Finish coffee table. The contemporary style will elevate the appeal of any room and the single piece wood has an attractive finish that is hard to ignore. The modern designs of the legs have been inspired by the tripods of the bygone era, marrying the contemporary with retro influence. The functional coffee table is not just a design addition, but a stylish, functional asset, that adds to creature comforts. The superior design and materials combine to offer the perfect space for objects that you use when on the sofa or chairs in the living room/lounge. This lasts really long and you depending on the maintenance will outlive most other furniture in your home.

WE Furniture Walnut Wood Modern Round Coffee Table

This walnut finish guitar pick table top design is eye catching and elegant. The combination of the sleek walnut top with the metal hairpin legs turns a minimalistic model into a symbol of supreme elegance. Measuring 18” H x 32” L x 29” W in dimensions and weighing just 19 pounds, this is an uncomplicated beauty that redefines elegance. The wood grain finish and the clean lines combine with the three simple legs to breathe in a whiff of fresh air in design. The medium density fibreboard lasts long enough to give you value for your money. The walnut veneer is durable and the table top is sufficient to accommodate books, drinks, and little objects that need space when you are seated in the living room.

Haven Home Dexter Walnut Rectangular Coffee Table

This design is straight from the Victorian era and brings intriguing elegance to living rooms. The shape, the rounded edges and the tapering legs carry the unmistakable stamp of retro styling. The exquisite finish is further enhanced by the open storage options that offer additional space for books and articles. This low profile coffee table measuring 48” W x 21” L x 16” H in dimensions weighs 53 pounds and is highly durable. The walnut finish takes the solid finish to greater heights, while the design makes it easy for any individual to assemble the piece without the need for specialist assistance.

GDF Studio Caspar Natural Wood Coffee Table

This exemplifies minimalism and is a direct descendant of Victorian furniture. Measuring 23. 62” D x 39. 29” W x 17. 91” H in dimensions and weighing just 16 pounds, this lightweight beauty is simplistic to the core. You will find the distinct shape and the light shade of the table top blending perfectly to offer a sharp contrast with dark furniture. The tapering legs in a flared stance make the egg shaped table and the low profile bring style to the living room. The top is spacious enough for you to keep books and magazines, and comes with an eye catching finish.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Kisper Contemporary Rectangular Cocktail Table

This design is bound to evoke memories of the bygone era with the stark rectangle shape and the simple open storage beneath the table top. This dark brown beauty measures 47.75” W x 23.75” D x 17” H in dimensions, weighs 74 pounds with a lower shelf that is ideal for stowing magazines. The canted legs complete the design in typical mid century style, adding the classic stance to the low profile table. You will find this to be the perfect complement to your living room furniture. The elegance of minimalism is best seen in this model and can be put together easily with basic tools. The combination of veneers and engineered wood makes this durable and stylish.

Nathan James Doxa Modern Industrial Coffee Table Wood

This is a space saving design that brings in Victorian elegance to the living room. The combination of a solid metal frame and an elegant table top makes this the perfect foil for the furniture in your living room. The dark walnut finish blends perfectly with the matte finish of the metal frame to offer complete visual appeal with functionality. Measuring 44” x Width: 22” x Height: 17” in dimensions, the dark acacia veneer wood in the table top gives it a solid look and appeal. This table can be put together easily without the need for specialist knowledge or tools. The frame offers additional storage under the top, making this utilitarian. The design is thoughtful and includes self-adhesive pads.

VASAGLE Retro Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

This a charming design that instantly reminds individuals of the mid modern century. The rectangular box style carries the distinct hallmark of retro styling and offers open storage beneath the table top. Access to the storage space is unhindered and convenient while permitting you to keep books and papers out of immediate sight. Made from solid rubberwood, the tapered canted legs help to keep the profile nice and low. Measuring 39.4 x 19.7 x 17.8 inches in dimensions and weighing 30 pounds, you can actually keep objects weight more than a hundred pounds on the table. You will find it incredibly easy to assemble this table, without having to hire someone to do it for you.

Madison Park Parker Mid Century Coffee Tables

This is a standout design with a contrasting table top and a low slung lower storage level. The low profile of this solid wood, white and Pecan two tone finish makes it alluring. Measuring 48 x 24 x 17 inches in dimensions and weighing 60 pounds, the pecan frame combines with the solid white top to give an ultimate finish. The durability and stability of the table have been made possible by the use of solid rubberwood, and oak veneer. This is an elegant design that will fit in with any color theme/décor due to the solid white table top and the contrasting pecan frame.

Belham Living Carter Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

The beautiful rounded edges of this walnut finish low profile coffee table are bound to enhance the appeal of your living room. The birch veneer combines beautifully with the canted and tapering poplar legs to give this Victorian era minimalist table an elegance that is incomparable. The open storage shelves on the lower level and the drawers add storage space to the table making it ultra convenient. You can stow papers, books and objects of the right size easily in the table measuring 47W x 24D x 18H inches in dimension. The exemplary design is further elevated by the use of superior material to give it greater durability.

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